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Traffic Jam City Race

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Looking for some awesome traffic jam 2D high- score game? Well you have landed on the right spot! "Traffic Jam City" is the game everybody plays right now! This game charges you with the task of keeping the traffic fl...

China Tractor Racing

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China Tractor Racing free games to play on www.brightesgames.com. The Chinese New Year is upon us! We must receive this celebration day with open arms. What else gives you the thrills rather than the China Tractor Ra...

Car Racing Saga

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Twenty-one levels when each another is harder than the previous. Three various tracks which will test your driving skills in this 3D racing game.

Track Racer

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This game is all about testing your driving skills in a bird view track setting. It features tracks with well designed curves so that you feel challenged while playing. To win you have to finish all three tracks as fa...

Parking City Style

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Love parking games? Driving through the city? Well Parking City Style gives you an awesome chance to test your parking skills in the busy city streets. Can you maneuver the car into the designated spot without bumping...

Racing City 3D

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Get into the city with your mad racing skills. Racing City 3D really tests your racing and drift skills around these mid city tracks. Can you place in the top 3 and earn big money to unlock new cars? Each car has bett...

Forklift Sim 2

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Forklift Sim is back! With the second version bringing all new 3D levels! 10 forklift packed levels of none stop builder madness. How many packages can you park on the correct position? Can you stack the shelves with ...

Beach Babes

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Impress the beach babes with your skills on the racing track.

School Bus License 3

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School Bus License 3 is a driving simulator game. Are you ready to advance your license in School Bus License 3? Passing the test is now even trickier in this driving game. Test your skills through 17 challenging leve...

Death Rider

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Show your driving skills on the platforms while you kill other bikers.

Cargo Dock Racers

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Set yourself free from a situation that you did not want to get into, the illegal races on the cargo dock. Now that you are in you have to get out and the only way is to win all the races, but that is no easy task, th...

Toy Boat Racing

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Toy Boat Racing is a slow paced skill game. You have to use skills to conquer your opponent.Once you see the direction of arrow in desired angle, you can press the mouse button down. Keep your eyes on the power bar. O...

Driving Challenge

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A challenge to the player's driving skills. You are supposed to move ahead crossing all the hurdles int he way and reach the destination. You are supposed to avoid the car getting crashed and collect as many dollars a...

Superbike Extreme

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Superbike Extreme is the ultimate superbike racing game! Pit your skills against five other players, across five increasingly challenging tracks as you race your way to the finishing line! Beware of the other racers,...